After-sales service

IKY GROUP: We Are Here for the Comfortable and Trouble-Free Maintenance of Your Home
As IKY GROUP, we offer a range of after-sales support and services specifically for homeowners in Turkey. We offer a wide range of services to provide homeowners with assurance and peace of mind. Here are the services we offer specifically for you:
Complete Warranty and Maintenance Service
We do not leave you alone in case of any problem that may occur in your home. As İKY GROUP, we offer complete warranty and maintenance services to homeowners. We help improve your quality of life by providing quick solutions when you encounter any problems with your furniture, household appliances or other belongings.
Property Insurance and Maintenance in Turkey
The safety and comfort of homeowners is our priority. While we protect your valuable property with property insurance service in Turkey, we also ensure that you always live a trouble-free life with periodic maintenance services.
Professional Team and Assembly Services
We understand the challenges homeowners face when selecting and installing their new appliances. That's why we offer you professional support in the selection and installation of furniture and household appliances. Our expert team assembles your belongings correctly and safely.
Support in Real Estate Rental and Sales
The processes involved in renting or selling real estate can be complex. As İKY GROUP, we are at your side in real estate rental and sales in Turkey. Our expert team organizes all the necessary details, follows the process and works to achieve the best results on your behalf.
Various Services for Convenience and Comfort
We offer you a variety of services regarding the management and maintenance of your home. From paying electricity bills to organizing building cleaning, we help you maintain your living space in the most comfortable and orderly way.
Contact Us!
As IKY GROUP, we would be happy to work with you for the maintenance and comfort of your home. If you, as homeowners, would like to live your life more comfortably and smoothly, contact us. We are here to provide comfort and safety in your home!


Our Services


Consultation, support and qualified legal assistance at all stages of obtaining Citizenship and Residence Permit.

Design and replanning

Assistance with redevelopment, merging and separating apartments, choosing design, materials and additional options (installation of "warm floors", air conditioners, external electric blinds) during the construction phase.


Full support of events at all stages (drawing up a sales contract, confirmations and transfers, TAPU, obtaining Iskan). Qualified legal support.

After-sales service

Warranty service, maintenance and real estate insurance. Selection and installation of furniture and household appliances. Assistance in real estate rental and sale services, payment of utility bills, cleaning arrangement.

Online services

Buying property in Alanya, registering ownership and obtaining Turkish citizenship without coming to Turkey is easy with IKY. We will help you carry out all the processes remotely.

Individual introductory tour

If you would like to get acquainted with the districts of Alanya and evaluate all the advantages of IKY GROUP real estate and personally participate in the selection and purchase, we invite you to visit our free introductory tour.”